MANIFEST Refugee Club Impulse – RCI

 Nobody gives us a voice. We take it!

Who we are

  • An international, self-organized group, based in Berlin, fighting for the rights of refugees, using theatre as a tool to involve refugees in the society.

– We exist, so that refugees prove their existence!

  • We make an artistic reflection of life in Germany through the eyes of refugees.
  • We break the border of language, nationality, cultural differences, so we are stronger than any will ever be.
  • A cultural melting pot and experimental ground.

Theatre is our base!

  • We encourage people in their skills through theatre and dance.
  • We teach and learn theatre from each other and exchange our experiences.
  • We present our feelings and problems through the theatre.
  • We want’s to “fight” against the situation of refugees in using theatre.
  • We are people, which are motivated to bring up drawbacks in society with arts.

How we function:

  • We are self-organized.

– RCI doesn’t depend on 1 person, but every member is important!

  • We are a club from and for people from everywhere.
  • Welcoming everybody!
  • We are based on democratic principals.
  • Small problems will not stop us, we have a greater aim to reach!

What we stand for!

  • Tolerance of background and opinion.
  • A voice for peace, equality and human rights in Berlin.
  • We want to reach a lot of people, to grow solidarity against racism.
  • We express, resist, fight in peace and take a voice.
  • A club where equal rights exist, a real place to share.
  • We are political in theatre and always fight for rights!
  • We don’t need pity!


We have hopes, dreams, great aims, and we’ll dig our way to reach them!

 We build the smile on peoples faces and refugees especially!



 RCI – Berlin, the 24th of January 2015

























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